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Let Us Inspire You!

Come In &
Let Us Inspire You!

Come In &
Let Us Inspire You!

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Plan Your Visit

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Opening hours


General Admission

Children/Military Personnel/Disabled Ticket
(for the whole exhibition period, applicable to children, active-duty military personnel and disabled persons; children between 1m-1.4m; disabled persons and active-duty military personnel are required to present relevant documents when checking the tickets)

Student Ticket
(valid for the whole exhibition period; student certificates must be presented)

Children under 1m height

Children above 1m height
(will purchase children's tickets at the price of 98 RMB online on the official ticketing platform; minors over 1.4 meters will purchase student tickets, and need to present relevant student certificates)


Parent-child ticket
(limited to use before 5.12, 1 adult and 1 child, children's height 1m-1.4m)

Family ticket
(limited to use before 5.12, 2 adults and 1 child, children's height 1m-1.4m)

Two Person General Admission
(limited to use before 5.12, 2 adults)

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday
10:00 - 20:00 (admission stops at 18:40)

Friday - Sunday (including holidays)
10:00 - 22:00 (admission stops at 20:40)

n.688 Middle Huaihai Road, Huashi Plaza, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

Visiting With A Group?

The Paradox Museum is a great place to visit with friends, family or as a group, and we’ve got special rates for your next visit!

01 Paradox Sofa

Paradox Sofa
Paradox Sofa
Magic, reality or a glitch in the system?
The Paradox Sofa gives the impression that someone’s body has gone to pieces. Is it a real conspiracy or just a couple ‘partners in crime’ having some fun vegging out on the couch? You’ll have to come see it to believe it!


The Paradox Experience
The Paradox Experience
The Paradox Experience
The Paradox Experience
The Paradox Experience
The Paradox Experience
Take a look at a few of our unique exhibits!
School Visits
School Visits
School Visits
School Visits
School Visits
School Visits
We aspire to create future scientists!
Gift Cards
Gift Cards
Gift Cards
Gift Cards
Gift Cards
Gift Cards
The perfect gift for your loved ones!

Through Our
Staff’s Eyes

Working in Paradox Museum is a paradox itself: It consists in spending time talking with our guests, which in other jobs shouldn’t be prioritized.

Nadine Pescoller
Floor Manager, Oslo

Paradox is like a second name of life, working with it means facing life every day: hard to predict, not easy to understand, impossible to stop, but also nice to watch, enjoy and live it! If you ask me what it’s like to work at Paradox Museum I will have a different answer every day!

Boutique Manager, Oslo

I found a place where I can be myself and thrive, help put a smile on families faces. We are a unique spot, Miami hasn't seen this before. The local team works like a family! Blessed to be here!

Ralph Capdevila
Supervisor, Miami

Being able to be inside of Paradox every day, allow you to bring out the inner child. Its rewarding, it makes my day and seeing everyone come in and enjoy, makes it all worth it.

Tessa Richards
Lead, Miami

To work at Paradox Museum Stockholm is a dream! Walking into work every day knowing that I’ll help guests as well as colleagues is a great feeling. I feel that I have a meaningful job and fun at work.

Love Gadde
Floor Manager, Stockholm

Working at Paradox is different but in a good way.

Sara Uhlving Hansen
Sales Manager, Oslo

Working at Paradox Museum turns every day into a Friday.

Vår Nystad
Floor Crew, Oslo

The energy from working at Paradox makes it all worth it. I love to interact with guests and build relationships with my teammates on the floor.

Amanda Figueroa
Operations Manager, Miami